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2011 Nomination List (Programming/Development Environment)

  • Programming/Development Environment Category Nominee (1)

    Contribution to Diffusion of AR Technology Hirokazu Kato (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)


    We have recently seen diffusion of various devices with camera capabilities and AR is one of the applied technologies that are attracting much attention. ARToolKit provides an open-source environment for wide-ranging developers to test AR programs easily. It has been the driving force of the emergence of many AR applications.

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    ARToolKit website:
    Hirokazu Kato Lab website:

  • Programming/Development Environment Category Nominee (2)

    Implementation of High-speed High-performance Post AA FilterGOD OF WAR III Development Team(Sony Computer Entertainment America Santa Monica Studio)


    The team implemented a SPU-based MLAA and achieved 60fps while performing high-quality anti-aliasing. The advanced technology gave inspiration to other developers and triggered the trend to perform anti-aliasing in the post AA process.

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  • Programming/Development Environment Category Nominee (3)

    Outstanding Artificial Intelligence That Beat a Female Professional Shogi (Japanese Chess) PlayerAkara 2010 Development Project


    For the first time in history, the project team achieved one of engineers' common dreams: to design a computerized shogi program that can beat a professional shogi player. This achievement made the potential of AI technologies widely known to the general public. The team integrated multiple programs to develop new thinking algorithms and large-scale systems that achieved higher performance. The team also actively published operational information to contribute to technological improvements inside and outside of the industry.

    Reference URL
    <Information Processing Society of Japan Official Site>
    < Komazakura: a site related to Japan shogi Association>
    <To read more on the technology and the actual shogi match>

  • Programming/Development Environment Category Nominee (4)

    Support for Amateur and Professional Game Developers to Expand the Developer Base Unity Engine Development Team Unity Engine Development Team (Unity Technologies)


    The team provides a sophisticated game engine that can be used by amateurs and professionals alike for wide-ranging applications on mobile to hi-end machines. As we see more and more diversified platforms, the teams' easy-to-learn highly portable development environment has broadened the horizon of potential applications and contributed to expansion of the developer base.

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  • Programming/Development Environment Category Nominee (5)

    High-level Fusion of a Hydrodynamic Simulation Technology and Games Pixel Junk Shooter Development Team (Q-Games Ltd.)


    The team developed a technology to enable high-speed and robust simulations even on a home-use game machine, in order to implement game designs based mainly on hydrodynamics. The team enabled applications that are not limited to background effects, and demonstrated the possibility of a new fusion between physics simulations and games. The team also published the technology in Japan and overseas and contributed to technological improvements of the industry.

    Reference URL
    Shooter 1& 2 Trailers
    Session at CEDEC 2009