>> In view of these objectives, we ask that proposals for sessions be submitted according to the guidelines outlined below.
>> Please be mindful of the following points when submitting your application.
>> The proposals we receive for sessions will be judged according to the following process.

Public Application for CEDEC 2011 Sessions has closed.


Public Application for CEDEC 2011 Sessions

Thank you very much for your interest in lecturing at CEDEC 2011.

CEDEC aims to bring together professionals engaged in development of computer entertainment including games and those involved in associated work, allow them to exchange their information and opinions to improve their development capabilities, and advance the industry as a whole.

  • Message to those hesitating to apply
    • Impressions expressed by previous lecturers include: “The lecturing experience gave me an opportunity to change myself” and “Lecturing changed my perspective as a developer (i.e. providing me overlooking capabilities)”. We hope you give positive consideration for your own future progress.
    • If you are feeling that your company is too small or your effort will probably not be useful, that is not true. 60% of CEDEC participants are from small-to-medium-sized developers. CEDEC is *not* a conference designed only for major developers. Any of your ideas and efforts will make a great theme for a CEDEC lecture.
  • Message to those who are considering applying for the first time
    • We welcome your transformation from a “listener” to a “speaker”. We are certain that such transformation will benefit you.
    • Please read “How to Apply” carefully and submit your form.
  • Message to those who have lectured at CEDEC before
    • Thank you for considering applying again.
    • We often hear people say they want to know what might have happened “afterwards” regarding past popular lectures. If you are considering presenting something that will extend your previous lecture, you can add current trends, which will further increase the value of the lecture.
    • If you apply with a new theme, your past performance will not be examined. In such cases, you are expected to refresh your mind and commit yourself as a new challenger to compete with other applicants through open application.
  • Message to those who applied for CEDEC but was not accepted in the past
    • Thank you very much for considering your second challenge.
    • You can certainly apply with a new theme or even choose your once rejected application theme by refining it.
    • CEDEC examines applicants only using data provided for the current application, regardless of their past performance. Your spirit of revenge will be much appreciated.

In view of these objectives, we ask that proposals for sessions be submitted according to the guidelines outlined below.

  • Please complete all sections from page 4 onwards in the application form , before attaching the file to an email and forwarding it to cedecspeaker@cesa.or.jp
  • Applications close March 31, 2011
  • Closing date has been changed to April 7, 2011
    Public application for CEDEC2011 sessions has been closed.

CEDEC 2011 calls for five session formats: Session (60 minutes), Panel Discussion (60 minutes), Roundtable (60 minutes), Short Session (20/30 minutes), and Interactive Session.
With the Short Session (20/30 minutes) format, two or three lectures are going to be packed in one slot to provide crisp and multi-viewed discussion for an issue.
The Interactive Session format allows you to post your presentation materials at an open booth. CEDEC will provide you a specific timeframe as a core time to do your presentation. Power supply will be provided for your working demo as you needed.
(Improvement of Poster Presentation in CEDEC 2010)

Special benefits for public entries:

  • Priority entry to CEDEC 2011 Keynote Addresses
    Applicants will have preferential gate access to the Keynote. CEDEC 2011 conference pass will be needed.
  • CEDEC 2011 Pass at CESA member price

Special benefits for accepted speakers:

  • Complimentary CEDEC 2011 Pass
    Session, Panel Discussion, and Roundtable: Speakers will receive up to three conference passes for free-of-charge. If your session has more than three speakers and/or require more staff, they will be provided with special passes which will be valid only during the session.
  • Short Session and Interactive Session: Speaker will receive one conference pass for free. If your session has more than one speakers and/or require more staff, they will be provided with special passes which will be valid only during the session.

    Note: The free conference pass will be provided one per person. Thus even when a speaker hold more than one sessions at CEDEC, he or she still receive one pass.

  • Invitation to speakers’ party
    We will be holding a Speakers-Only party to encourage the speakers to deepen exchanges. Speakers will be invited to the party at no charge. To attend “Developers Night” – a party for all CEDEC 2011 participants, speakers will also need to purchase tickets as well as participants.

Please be mindful of the following points when submitting your application.

  • Please send a separate file for each application. You may, however, attach multiple files to a single email.
  • You do not need to specify the genre.
    • Your applications will be allocated to genres by the Steering Committee.
    • The final sessions will be classified into the following genres. (A session may be allocated to more than one genre.)
      PG (Programming), VA (Visual Arts), GD (Game Design), SND (Sound), NW (Online / Network), PD (Production), BM (Business & Management), AC (Academic), BoF (Birds of Feather; new genre), MX (Special Category; non-genre)
    • Production technologies, software development methods and so forth which are related to the above, will also be appreciated.
      (For example: tool development technology used in VA, the agile development method in PG)
  • Please complete each section as clearly and in as much concrete as possible.
    • At CEDECs in the past, there has been a strong tendency for sessions to be rated more highly when their actual content has matched the expectations formed by participants based on the description in the program. In particular, “Session title,” “Ideas take away” and “Expected skills/experience” are extremely important.
    • For example: “Expected skills/experience”
      No good: Anyone involved in game development
      Better: Graphic developers
      Best: Persons with experience in GPU programming
  • If at all possible, please keep your “Session description” to within one page, and please make your description concise and yet concrete.
    • If illustrations or other figures are needed for reason of explaining your session proposal, you may add them, but try to keep them around 3 pages.
    • Supplemental reference materials such as video files can also be attached to your proposal.
    • If you have any information that cannot be stated explicitly when submitting this form due to confidentiality or other such reasons, you may keep the information confidential.
  • If it is determined that the content of your proposal is for the purpose of promoting a commercial technology, we may instead present you with a proposal for the Sponsorship Program.
    • Commercial technology is an important element in modern-day game development, and therefore it is not our policy to exclude applicants who are offering such technology. If it is determined that promotion is not the primary objective, and that it could contribute to improving the development capabilities of the audience, we will proceed to examine your application as a regular candidate for the sessions.
  • The content of your application will not be used for purposes other than the administration of CEDEC.
    • Although the Steering Committee, which examines the applications, is comprised of persons from the gaming industry, we assure you that the content of your application will in no way be misappropriated for the benefit of an organization to which the Program Committee members belong.
  • Please complete the application form in either Japanese or English.

The proposals we receive for sessions will be judged according to the following process.

  • A) Review based on the content described in the submission form
    • The CEDEC Steering Committee will review the content, and decide whether the proposal is accepted.
    • The CEDEC Office will contact the submitters of accepted session proposals, and will commence discussions for session details. Contact is scheduled to be made in April or May, 2011.
  • B) Review based on the submission with additional information
    • The CEDEC Steering Committee may, where necessary, ask for further information to be provided in addition to that contained in this submission. Contact will be made by the CEDEC Office, who will request that materials explaining the session in more detail be provided We will review your application based on this material, and decide whether the proposal is accepted.
    • In cases where we request additional information, contact is scheduled to be made in May or June, 2011.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at cedecspeaker@cesa.or.jp.
We look forward to receiving your application.