CEDEC Steering Committee

(In principle, what each body belongs to is correct as of February 18, 2011. The expression used by the company to which it belongs takes priority.)

Exercises control over the formation of basic operational policies as well as planning, management, operation and account balance. The Steering Committee consists of members of CESA Technical Committee, the Advisory Board and the Secretariat, and if necessary, it sets up Working Groups.

Chairperson Naoto Yoshioka, SQUARE ENIX
Vice-chairperson Naohiro Saito, NAMCO BANDAI Games
CEDEC Fellow Kenji Matsubara,Zynga Japan K.K.
Program Working Group

Assesses applications open to the public and plans invitation sessions to implement better sessions. This working group appoints a session producer for each field, who is a business expert in that particular field.

Leader Takashi Shoji, SEGA
Programming (PG) Masao Watanabe, CyberConnect2
Kazunobu Uehara, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Visual Arts (VA) Takashi Mizutani, Sony Computer Entertainment
Toshiyuki Kamei, Dimps
Sound (SND) Yoshinori Tsuchida, SQUARE ENIX
Tetsukazu Nakanishi, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Online / Network (NW) Kengo Nakajima/MMOG Developer
Game Design (GD) Masanobu Endoh, MOBILE & GAME STUDIO
Production (PD) Akihiro Tashiro, Microsoft
Business and Management (BM) Takechika Tsurutani,POLYGON MAGIC
Mikio Fujimura, Konami Digital Entertainment
Academic: (AC) Masahiko Inami, Keio University
Koji Mikami,Tokyo University of Technology
International Track Julien Merceron,Square Enix Group
Interactive Session Working Group

Plans and operates interactive sessions that are further developments of CEDEC 2010 “Poster Release”. It works closely with the Program Working Group.

Leader Takashi Imagire, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Member Takashi Kokawa, SEGA

Plans and operates a participation-based event “CEDEC CHALLENGE”. It works closely with the Program Working Group.

Leader Naoto Yoshioka, SQUARE ENIX
Member Yoichiro Miyake,SQUARE ENIX
CEDEC AWARDS Working Group

Plans and operates CEDEC AWARDS given to engineers and developers who have made a remarkable contribution to the advance of computer entertainment development.


Naoto Yoshioka, SQUARE ENIX

Naohito Kano, DeNA
CEDiL Working Group

Plans and operates the CEDEC Digital Library (abbreviated as CEDiL), which arranges data and other materials released at CEDEC in a library format.

Leader Naohiro Saito, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Member Kazunobu Uehara, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Tsutomu Horikawa, Sony Computer Entertainment
Hiroshi Matsuyama, CyberConnect2
Press Working Group

Plans press strategies to communicate the value of CEDEC more widely, deeply and simply.

Leader Akira Sugiyama, OLM Digital
Sponsor Program Working Group

Plans sponsor schemes that are more effective for both the sponsors who provide commercial technologies, which are a vital element of present computer entertainment development, and CEDEC participants.

Member Terumasa Kodaka, Web Technology
Hiroaki Kondo, Dolby Japan
CEDEC Official Web Working Group

Plans and designs the CEDEC Official Web.

Leader Yoshinari Sunazuka, True Grit
Member Atsushi Fukuda, Konami Digital Entertainment
Advisory Board

Operates CEDEC upon cooperation request of the Chairperson of the Committee or a Working Group member.

メンバー Ken Anjo, OLM Digital
Mio Ishida, NAMCO BANDAI Games
Takayuki Itagaki, AQ INTERACTIVE
Toshimasa Ebina, HUDSON SOFT
Yukifumi Okamoto, Carview
Takaki Kobayashi, SmileBoom
Yukiharu Sambe, TAITO

CEDEC Supporters

These collaborators support a part of the actual operation upon request of the CEDEC Steering Committee.

Mitsunori Fujimoto,SEGA
Ryuta Yazawa, Freelance game translator


These people give broad advice on the sidelines of the actual operation.

Shun Arai , Game developer
Hiroyuki Kawanishi, Microsoft
Kiyoshi Shin, IGDA Japan
Takahito Tejima, Polyphony Digital
Nobuyuki Matsushima, CAPCOM