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CEDEC 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities


CEDEC provides public relations programs and advertising opportunities in the form of exhibition spaces and sponsorship sessions.
This is an ideal opportunity to promote your company's products and services directly to developers.
(8% tax is not included.)

Exhibition / Session

Exhibit Booth

Exhibit Booth on 3rd floor (most of sessions will be held on 3rd floor)
Most attendees stay on this floor, thus the more people actually stop by your booth
Can be used for demonstrating new products, marketing.

Exhibit Area 1(3rd floor)

Early Discount Price : 260,000 JPY By 5/30/2014
Regular Price : 320,000 JPY After 5/31/2014

Exhibit Area 2(1st floor)

Early Discount Price : 180,000 JPY By 5/30/2014
Regular Price : 220,000 JPY After 5/31/2014

Sponsorship Session

You can introduce your products/services in this session
Two rooms are prepared to accommodate different sizes of audiences.

Sponsorship Session (60min)

Room A (Capacity: 144)
Early Discount Price : 400,000 JPY By 5/30/2014
Regular Price: 450,000 JPY After 5/31/2014

Room B (Capacity: 285)
Early Discount Price: 770,000 JPY By 5/30/2014
Regular Price : 870,000 JPY After 5/31/2014

Sponsorship Short Session (25min)

Room A (Capacity: 144)
Early Discount Price: 240,000 JPY By 5/30/2014
Regular Price : 280,000 JPY After 5/31/2014


You can organize the workshop which the participants use your products with PC.
Price : 100,000 JPY

Book Sales Booths

A book sale section "CEDEC Books" specialized in computer entertainment development will be set up at the CEDEC.
20,000 JPY + royalty (5% of sales)
More than one booth can be set up. 15,000 JPY will be charged per booth from the 2nd booth.



Event Sponsorship

Developers' Night(Speakers, attendees and guests will be participating and networking)

Platinum: 1,500,000 JPY Gold:320,000 JPY

Welcome Reception(for the speakers/persons concerned in the sessions)

Platinum: 750,000 JPY


Platinum: 1,000,000 JPY Gold: 320,000 JPY

●Equipment Sponsorship

Sponsorship for equipment used at the conference venue.
Details, including amounts and benefits of sponsorship, will be decided through consultations. Please feel free to contact our Secretariat.

Application Deadline

Early Discount Deadline for Exhibit booth and Sponsorship session is May 30
Closing Date: July 11
*certain advertisement items have different closing date

Contact /Mailing Address

CEDEC2014 Sponsorship Office
E-mail. sponsor@cedec.jp

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