Video Game Development in the West: The Panel/欧米におけるゲーム開発:パネルディスカッション

08月24日(水) 13:30 〜 14:30

This panel is designed for developers interested to learn more about how things are done in the West. Due to the very varied background of our panelists, a wide variety of themes will be treated, making this panel very suitable for artists, designers, producers and managers. To grasp all the subtleties of the panelists’ wisdom, it is required for the audience to have a certain level of experience in our industry.



The goal of this Panel it to make you think out of the box, think differently about how things could be done in terms of development, get you to understand and consider seriously how the most successful western developers are doing things.



There is a significant difference between how Games are developed in Japan and in the West, in terms of Processes, Team Structures, decision making, Project Life Cycles and much more! In order to tackle a wide variety of topics and have cross discipline discussions, we have gathered for you speakers that have a very varied background: Design, Production, Technical Art, and Technology. In order to make sure you get the best recommendations possible, the speakers have the best background you could think of: Olivier Pomarez from Ubisoft, Jeff Skalski from Yellow Brick Games, Konstantine Paradias from Shapefarm, and Cecile Minaud from Dontnod, And as a special guest, we'll be welcoming Guillaume Hansali, CEO of Wizcorp, that is knowledgeable in both Western style development and the Japanese one, so he's involvement in the Panel will be very fruitful!

Come and learn from our panelists how they are doing things, and based on their experience, how they think things could be done even better!

Come and ask your questions to these extremely savvy developers that come to you to Tokyo to share their wisdom, passion, experience, and that are so

much longing for meeting you to contribute to the Japanese Game Development Community success!

日本と欧米のゲーム開発には、プロセス、チーム構造、意思決定、プロジェクト・ライフサイクルなど、様々な面で大きな違いがあります。様々なトピックを取り上げ、分野を超えたディスカッションを行うために、デザイン、プロダクション、テクニカルアート、テクノロジーなど様々なバックグラウンドを持つパネリストを集めました。 聴衆の皆さんのために、最高のバックグラウンドを持つパネリストをご用意しました。UbisoftのOlivier Pomarez氏、Yellow Brick GamesのJeff Skalski氏、ShapefarmのKonstantine Paradias氏、Don't NodのCecile Minaud氏、そして、スペシャルゲストとして、欧米と日本の両方のゲーム開発に精通しているWizcorpのCEO、Guillaume Hansali氏をお迎えし、実りあるパネルディスカッションを行います。




Bandai Namco Studios


講演者詳細を開く >


Julien started as a programmer on the Atari Jaguar in the early 90s at Shen Technologies in Paris. He then joined Ubisoft Entertainment to work in game and engine teams before becoming the worldwide technical director of Ubisoft Entertainment in 1999. In this role, he played a major part in the studio's creation, organization, technology, production pipeline design, and multi-platform strategy, as well as in AAA features integration, on brands such as 'Rayman', 'Far Cry', 'Splinter Cell', 'Prince of Persia', and 'Assassin's Creed'. He also took responsibility for middleware and development strategy, communication and cooperation strategy, and hardware manufacturers and middleware relations. At the end of 2005, after having worked extensively on PS3 / XBox360, Julien pursued his career at Eidos, where he served as the worldwide CTO working on the technology strategy, before getting involved in initiating Eidos Montreal and Eidos Shanghai Studios. Julien became the worldwide technology director for Square Enix Group, working on a wide variety of engines and franchises including 'Tomb Raider', 'Final Fantasy', 'Hitman', 'Deus Ex' and 'Kingdom Hearts'. In 2013, he joined Konami as the worldwide technology director to oversee Fox Engine, work directly on the acclaimed 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain', and help advance many games in the group including 'Pro Evolution Soccer' 2015 and 2016.
Julien joined Bandai Namco Studios early 2016, where he now serves as their CTO.

ジュリアンは20年以上の経験をもつエンジン・テクノロジーの専門家です。UbisoftでRaymanやFar Cryなどのタイトルにかかわり、またミドルウエアの開発や戦略なども担当しました。2005年にWorldwide CTOとしてEidosに入社。その後、スクエアエニックスのWorldwide Technology Directorとしてエンジン開発やTomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Deus EXなどのタイトルにかかわりました。2013年にKonamiに移籍してFox Engineの開発、Metal Gear Solid V、Pro Evolution Soccer等にかかわり、2016年からBandai Namco StudioのCTOとして活躍しています。




Ubisoft La Forge

Director of Development

講演者詳細を開く >


I have been active in the video game industry over the past 20 years. I contributed in many different ways from gameplay, AI programming from PC games to AAA space !
Since 2016, I am handling the operation at UBISOFT LA FORGE R&D lab in Montreal.
I am currently chairing the ML track at GDC.

2016年からは、モントリオールにあるUbisoft La Forge R&Dラボで指揮を執っています。
現在、GDC (Game Developers Conference)でML(機械学習)のトラックの座長も務めています。


Dear audience,

I hope you will enjoy this lecture on a way to handle innovation. I have chosen not to focus on technical details but more on the journey to explore, learn & hopefully create better games at Ubisoft.
If you want to ping me afterwards to get more details on those, It’ll be my pleasure to get them to you.




Shapefarm AB


講演者詳細を開く >


A writer by choice, I have had over 100 stories published since 2010 and been a former member of the SFWA. My previous work also includes writing for comic books, among other mediums.

Since 2015, I've written for a number of games like Friend and Foe's Vane, Scrap Mechanic by Axolot AB and Raft by Redbeet Interactive. My first visual novel, Re:Shape, is published by Funigami studio.

In the few precious hours that I'm not writing, I have devoted myself to playing through every game in the Final Fantasy main series and also make a spectacle of myself trying to finish an actual Dark Souls no-hit run. It has been going slow, but I am getting there.


2015年以降は、Friend and Foeの 『Vane』やAxolot ABの『スクラップメカニック』、Redbeet Interactiveの『Raft』など、数多くのゲーム脚本に携わっています。私の最初のビジュアルノベル『Re:Shape』は、Funigami studioから出版されています。



Thank you for your interest in my speech. It's my hope that this will become a useful resource for any game developers, studio heads or producers that may feel like they are carrying the burden of failed project by themselves. I hope that the advice and perspectives found in this presentation will give them a head start in transforming a misfortune into
an opportunity for learning.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you feel like you'd like to share your story and I hope more people will be more open about sharing their own, similar experiences in the future.




Dontnod Entertainment


Cross-project Setup artist

講演者詳細を開く >


I started my career in animation in 2018 as a set-up artist and contributed to projects big and small at Mac Guff Ligne, from independent french movies with to sizable Netflix productions. The variety of projects I worked on gave me the tools to apprehend a wide range of production constraints, familiarized me with procedural workflows like Houdini, and, two years ago, allowed me to join Don't Nod's cross-project setup team.

Since then, my team maintains and optimizes setup animation pipelines that support all of the company's projects. Among other challenges, I have crafted our facial animation system thanks to both video games and movie industry techniques - an achievement whose inner workings and subtleties I would like to share with you.

私は2018年にセットアップ・アーティストとしてアニメーションのキャリアをスタートし、Mac Guff Ligneで、フランスのインディーズ映画から大規模なNetflix作品まで、大小様々なプロジェクトに携わりました。様々なプロジェクトに携わるなかで、様々な制作上の制約を把握することができるようになりました。また、Houdiniなどのプロシージャル・ワークフローにも慣れ、2年前にはDon't Nodのプロジェクト横断型のセットアップチームに参加することができました。



Yellow Brick Games

COO and Executive Producer

講演者詳細を開く >


From the moment I played on my uncle’s Intellivision to the first time I jumped on a Goomba, the idea of creating worlds for players to escape to fascinated me.

I went to college at the Maryland Institute College of Art with a major in illustration in ’96 and almost immediately fell into my first art internship at an old school PC company called MicroProse. From that moment on it’s been a wild, amazing, and humbling ride to where I am at today. I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to learn so much from so many and for that I will always be grateful.

My hobby and work tend to blend together, as I love playing games just as much as I love making them. My favorite franchises of all time would be Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Monster Hunter. If not playing video games, I’m playing boardgames with friends and family, painting figures, snowboarding (we have long winters here in Quebec) and from time to time picking up my sketchbook to never forget my past.





Thank you for the opportunity to attend this event. It’s an honor to be around so many that have inspired me through their work and craft. If my contribution and sharing of what I’ve learned from producing everything from indie to AAA games helps you and your teams in any way then my quest is complete.

I firmly believe our best years in this industry are still in front of us and I can’t wait to explore the next new worlds together.




Wizcorp Inc


講演者詳細を開く >


Trilingual French entrepreneur living in Japan since 2006, I'm the founder and CEO of Wizcorp, a work-for-hire game development studio in Tokyo, founded in 2008 and acquired by Keywords Studios in 2019.

Engineer in my former professional life, I have always considered technology a key element of any decision-making process. Over the years, Wizcorp has built a reputation for technical excellence and worked for some of the most prestigious game developers and publishers in Japan and overseas.

Outside business hours, I usually play guitar, bake bread, and appreciate wine.

2006年から日本に住む3か国語を話すフランスの起業家であり、2008年に設立され、2019年にKeywords Studiosに買収された、東京の職務著作ゲーム開発スタジオであるWizcorpの創設者兼CEOです。




14 years as a business leader in the Japanese gaming industry have given me a deep understanding of cultural differences between Japan and the West and how these differences affect the way games are being made.

For this session, I have also interviewed executives of famous Japanese publishers who oversee multi-cultural teams; I have compiled insights I'm sure you will find very valuable, if not fascinating.

I look forward to talking to you at the session.