What is CEDEC?

CEDEC is Japan’s largest conference for computer entertainment developers to share video game technology and knowledge.
CEDEC is an annual event that is held over three days and features approximately 200 sessions in seven fields: engineering, production, visual arts, business & production, sound, game design, and academic/fundamental technology.

Toward CEDEC2024


CEDEC2023, our first hybrid event, was a great success, thanks to the cooperation of all those who attended.

At CEDEC2024, we hope to further accelerate the sharing of knowledge and exchange of technology related to game development by continuing to hold hybrid events that can take advantage of the benefits of both online and on-site locations.

To embody this, we have chosen "encounters" as the theme for CEDEC2024.

As the lengthy COVID-19 pandemic begins to come to an end, we believe that by providing developers with encounters (places to meet and exchange ideas), they will be able to stimulate each other and generate new ideas and inspiration regarding game development.

We look forward to seeing you at CEDEC2024. Enjoy your encounters at the venue!

CEDEC2024 Steering Committee Chairman Masaru Kanai


Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2024 (CEDEC2024)
Wednesday, August 21 - Friday, August 23, 2024
How to attend
  • In-person *Only those who have purchased the relevant tickets
    *Please refrain from attending if you are not feeling well or have a fever.
  • Online
Venue: In-person

PACIFICO YOKOHAMA North (Minatomirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

Venue: Online
Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)
  • Those involved in computer entertainment development, especially games. All platforms are acceptable, including consumer, mobile, network, etc.
  • Those involved in entertainment content production and business.
  • Those involved in the development and research of related technologies, equipment, etc.

CEDEC2024 Sponsorship Program Information

CEDEC2024 will have PR programs and advertisements such as exhibition booths and sponsor sessions.
Please consider participating in CEDEC2024 as it is a great opportunity to appeal information about your products and services to developers.

The primary application deadline (early application deadline) is Tuesday, April 30th, and the final deadline is Monday, July 1st. (Excluding some menus)
For details, please see the CEDEC2024 Sponsor Recruitment Guidelines below.

Call for Speakers

CEDEC is a conference for computer entertainment - including video games - industry, and for developers and others engaged in related work in this And through CEDEC we aim to help them improve their respective development capabilities by exchanging information and ideas, and to aim for the overall development of the industry.

CEDEC2024 Overview

In view of these objectives, we ask that proposals for sessions be submitted according to the guidelines outlined below.

Please complete all sections of the application form found in the latter part of this file, before attaching the file to an email and forwarding it to speaker@cedec.jp

Application period: February 1 to April 1, 10:00 AM, 2024 (JST)

Precautions for CEDEC2024

For CEDEC2024, we plan to use a hybrid format that combines lectures at the venue with live online streaming and time-shifted streaming. (*We plan to hold roundtables, interactive sessions, and workshops at the venue only.)
When submitting a session application, speakers will be asked to select their presentation method from the following four options.

  1. Going to the venue to present (on-site presentation)
  2. Providing pre-recorded videos (video presentation)
  3. Giving a presentation remotely (on ZOOM) (remote presentation)
  4. Not sure

The selection will be finalized after youʼve been accepted and we receive your consent to speak. At that time, we will again confirm that you are willing to give the presentation, and ask you to decide on the presentation method.

However, we may consult you about the presentation method, depending on the operating logistics moving forward. Thank you for your understanding in advance as you make your application.

Please read each document carefully before applying.