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Is patent needed? Or not needed for videogame market.

September 2 (Thu) 16:30 - 17:30
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Game planner, Game Programmer, Manager,

Ideas Take Away

・Necessity of patent, from view of game planner, game programmer, manager.
・Technique, How to find invention, and How to get patent from videogame.

Why patent is needed? in videogame market?

I will answer this question. from the standpoint of manager or game planner or game programmer.

○ what is patent?
・Why patent is needed? in videogame market?
・ Are you Inventor or Reformist?
・ In world market, Is Patent needed?
・ Trend of patent application.
・ For Subcontractor, Is patent needed?

○ For game planner
・ Can we get patent about game Idea or gamesystem.
・ Patent about technology from sequel to the game.
・ What is special value in your game?
・ What is difference in your game?

○ For game programmer,
・ Is your technique new?
・ Is your technique safe?
・ How to escape patent infringement
・ Which is important? The visible patent or invisible patent.

○ For Manager
・ Does your company need patent?
・ Most Important matter is relation ship about management strategy and patent strategy.
・ You must make purpose clear to get patent.
・ It become competitive in market, you note the importance of patent.
・ What is your company’s purpose to get patent?

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

* In complying with speaker's requests, press is not allowed to cover this session.

  • Akio Onda

    Akio Onda

    Lead Patent Engineer

    Patent Section

    NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.