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Practical MMOG Database Simulation

September 2 (Thu) 14:50 - 15:50
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

C++, Database

Ideas Take Away

A method to estimate MMOG scalability by simulation
Smart Pointer dealing with multiplicities of lock, allocator, and persistence

It's important to know how MMOG database scales at an early stage. For it is often found as a bottleneck at a later stage, and is hard to improve. So, we propose a method to simulate MMOG database with a test hardware, with which one can estimate actual load and scalability.

We introduce some indicators like users/min to see how one scenario work. Also, we design a Smart Pointer to have our data model operations flexible, which deals with multiplicities of lock, allocation, and persistence. Then, we make tests for various scenario, and check how simulation works practically.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Takenori Sato

    Takenori Sato


    Versant Corp.

  • Derek Laufenberg

    Derek Laufenberg

    Director of Systems Engineering

    Versant Corp.

  • Robert Greene

    Robert Greene

    V.P. Open Source Operations

    Versant Corp.