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Capcom Methodologies for Sound Development 3:
Techniques for Creating Adaptive Music in Lost Planet 2 and Development
Styles of In-house Composers

August 31 (Tue) 16:30 - 17:30
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

・Intermediate and above

Console development
Experienced sound designers
Experienced composers
Experienced audio directors
Project managers

Ideas Take Away

・Designing BGM with every player in mind during online multiplayer games.
・How to interactively alter BGM during gameplay.
・Effective environments for creating BGM and workflow creation.
・Recognizing the strengths of in-house composers.

・Session Summary
A survey of the world of video game audio shows that
“Interactive/Adaptive Music” has picked up some buzz and that there are a few companies implementing it in their games already. However, there are a number of areas in the field that have room for development.
Video game music is there to move the user in various ways. This session will cover the ways music was used in Lost Planet 2, as well as present some thoughts on the keywords “transitions” and “triggers”. After that, the styles of internal composers, as well what they are currently doing will be discussed.

・Session Flow
Three examples of how interactive music was implemented in the
coop-based Lost Planet 2 will be discussed. Basic concepts and actual examples in MT Framework will be explained and previewed.

1. Designing BGM with every player in mind during multiplayer games.
2. Ways to seamlessly connect BGM for players in different situations as they join up and enter the same situation.
3. How to regulate sounds as distance increases or shortens.

Now for an analysis of what in-house composers are currently facing and a summary of interactive/adaptive music.

We will discuss the style and strengths of Capcom’s composers with an emphasis on “total quality control”. This topic includes technical design, music direction, as well as information sharing and work environment creation.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Tomoya Kishi

    Tomoya Kishi

    Audio Director

    Sound Design Section R&D Production Department

    CAPCOM Co.,Ltd.

  • Marika Suzuki

    Marika Suzuki


    Sound Design Section R&D Production Department

    CAPCOM Co.,Ltd.

  • Tadayoshi Makino

    Tadayoshi Makino


    Sound Design Section R&D Production Department

    CAPCOM Co.,Ltd.