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Haptic Adapter: Finger Attachment to Generate Tactile Feedback for Touch Panel Operation and its application

Expected Skill

Those who have interests in user interface particularly
that of a gaming equipment with a touch panel

Ideas Take Away

It is demonstrated that the problems caused by insufficient tactile feedback of touch panel would be solved by Haptic Adapter and, as the results, the video games can be more enjoyable with the rich tactile feeling generated by Haptic Adapter.

In this presentation, we introduce a simple device called Haptic Adapter that generates tactile feedback for fingers during touch panel operation. Using a couple of prototypes of Haptic Adapter, we demonstrate its effectiveness on such applications as video games, internet browsing and cursor operation. Effective tactile feedback would be demonstrated with the prototypes and the application samples during the poster session. The tactile feedback is used to guide the finger operation on the touch panel so that the finger operation is confirmed with the tactile sense and the input-error is reduced through the confirmation. It is also used to give realistic tactile feeling while playing games on the touch panel.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Shotarou Matsumura

    Shotarou Matsumura

    Doctoral course

    Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory

    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Itsuo Kumazawa

    Itsuo Kumazawa


    Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory

    Tokyo Institute of Technology