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Twinkle: Gaming Interface in the Real World using Handheld Projector

Expected Skill

Anyone who is interested in novel gaming interfaces and augmented reality systems

Ideas Take Away

You can play a novel gaming interface "Twinkle" that interact with real objects using a handheld projector.
I will explain image processing techniques and hardware implementation.

We propose a novel interface called Twinkle for interacting with an arbitrary physical surface using a handheld projector and a camera.
When a user flashes a projection light on an object, the projected images react as if the user touched the object with the light. The handheld device recognizes the features of the physical environment and displays images and sounds that are generated in real time according to the user’s motion and collisions of projected images with objects. We realize this system by using several image processing techniques and a collision detection algorithm. We also use an acceleration sensor to compensate for the image processing.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Takumi Yoshida

    Takumi Yoshida


    Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

    The University of Tokyo

  • Susumu Tachi

    Susumu Tachi


    Graduate School of Media Design

    Keio University