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Mathematics for the Game Industry

Date Tuesday, September 6
Event Name Mathematics for the Game Industry
Organizer Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University
Sponsor Global COE Program "Education and Research Hub for Mathematics-for-Industry"

Message from the Organizer

Mathematics is the foundation of programming and simulation, the basic technologies of the gaming industry.
Mathematics has been intensively used in the areas close to the game industry, including AI, encryption and image analysis.
This event gives a unique forum for mathematicians, engineers, and game developers to exchange the ideas to make games in future much more fun!

Variational principle and its application to computer anatomy

...  Professor Yasuhide Fukumoto (Fluid Mechanics)

Physics-based simulation and numerical analysis in virtual reality

... Associate Professor Daisuke Tagami (Numerical Analysis)

A related topic, or an introduction to mathematics. (The session content is under discussion.)


A possible panel discussion with CEDEC. (The session content is under discussion.)