Exhibitions / PR Seminars


  • DeNA Co., Ltd

    In addition to learning about DeNA's cross-platform game engine for smartphones, ngCore, developers will be able to get hands on with the engine itself at our booth. We will also be distributing related technical data and promotional items. Upon registering* at our developers' site (https://developer.mobage.com), you will be able to download ngCore.

    *Please note that to release games or use our APIs you will need to register a corporate identity.

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    We will perform a demostration of the latest technology focused on PS3.
    We will have you experience a demonstration by the 3D display.
    Everyone is welcome; we will be looking forward to seeing you at the booth.

  • Being CO.,Ltd

    A traditional common practice of project management is firmly pro-watching at the date of each work to manage the project. Critical Chain Project Management, so called ""CCPM"" is different from it. ""CCPM"" is to manage a project by watching the status of ""Critical Chain"" ( the link of mandatory tasks) as well as the consumption of the project buffer (allowance for due date). In order to adapt and utilize this method ""CCPM"" efficiently, we are now very pleased to introduce the Software called BeingManagement3"".


    EIZO will exhibit monitors for game developers, CG designers, and other content creators. Our monitors offer calibration for color management between all devices in your workflow. They feature a wide color gamut that reproduces the Adobe RGB color space and come with preset modes for common broadcast standards. Our 27" and 24" models have IPS panels with wide viewing angles and minimal color shift. The ColorEdge CG275W has a built-in sensor that automatically performs calibration.

  • FreeBit Co.,Ltd.

    Freebit Cloud VDC ENTERPRISE-FARM Pro" widely used as Cloud Service for game contents of SNS and on-line game company, is as well officially recommended by GREE platform. By shifting to the virtual platform, we realize a lower cost and more reliable quality of game service, with features of highly convenient management screen, advanced security, usage based rate and daily rate, which all contribute to a lower cost. Here in our booth, we demonstrate our highly functioned management screen, also provide a consultant service for China SAP with their game localization in Japan.

  • GMO Internet, Inc.

    GMO AppsCloud is a hosting service for social apps and games.

    Powering over 300 titles distributed via Japan's most popular social platforms, GMO AppsCloud has an extensive track record in the Japan market and offers stable, low-latency, quality hosting solutions for social apps and games.

    - Starting from 1 vCPU (Memory 4GB, 399 yen per day / 11,970 yen per month)
    - Hybrid virtual/dedicated service available
    - 10 Gbps shared bandwidth
    - Free load balancer
    - Free access analytics too,ls designed especially for apps

  • Hansoft

    Hansoft is an integrated solution for agile and lean development, collaborative scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management, used by the most demanding software developers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The tool is fast and easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration. Hansoft 6.6 is also taking reporting one step further, making it a more collaborative experience. www.hansoft.se

  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

    We provide cloud services on a wide range of layers, from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS. Use as the system infrastructure of the online games is possible, We have a lot of businness cases of the large-scale, online game user. We introduce ""IIJGIO social application program start-up plan"" in which ten servers can be used free of charge at the end of next month for the social application developers.


    [About IIJ]
    IIJ was founded in 1992 as a pioneer in the commercial Internet market in Japan. Since that time, the company has continued to take the initiative in the network technology field, playing a leading role in Japan's Internet industry.

  • Japan Novel Corporation

    "Japan Novel Corporation serves the evaluation and the verification with the key word for OS of the built-in equipment and softwares such as the compiler evaluation service. In this exhibition, We will exhibit built-in software automatic operation testing system ""Quality Commander 5.6"". The testing of the game application program is automated for a smart phone. Please check it out that the robot operates the touch panel equipment, and judgment of the liquid crystal screen automatically in the exhibition booth. we have the session at JaSST '11 CEDEC of Co-located event. Please participate in that by all means.

    【 product and service 】 http://www.jnovel.co.jp/service/index.html


    Founded in 2006, Lotaris deploys behavior-based application environment "Lotaris Licensed Mobile Environment (LME)" that uses advanced DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which allows the distribution of both pay- and freemium-content secured by DRM. Developed in Switzerland over the past 3 years and launched in early 2011 on PCI Level 1 compliant infrastructure, the Lotaris technology is currently licensed by major global ISVs.
    For game developers, it is easily and seamlessly embedded within the application to provide delivery, activation, user activity analysis, interactive messaging, subscription, billing (including item billing), and payment, all based on real-time, fine-grained user behavior from within the application.

  • Marmalade

    Marmalade SDK is the proven cross-platform native application development solution, adopted by many of global publishers and developers including EA, Konami and Activision. The SDK enables powerful and efficient application development to target all open native smart platforms. Desktop debugging of ARM binary allows not only cutting the dev cost but also dramatically reducing the QA cost.

  • OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.

    Palamida software will analyze an entire code base, including source, text and binary files, identifying every piece of material from an Open Source project down to a few lines of code in a source file.All evidence of open source usage is highlighted so it can be documented and tracked for secure usage of the individual components in your application.

    We exhibit the ""Palamida"". Please visit our booth !*Palamida is software that PALAMIDA, Inc. developed.

  • Premium Agency Inc.

    Our proprietary game engine "Chidori" is a high quality rendering engine supporting 9 platforms including PS3, Xbox360, iPhone and Android tablets. Using "Chidori", PS3 games, for example, can be ported to Xbox360 and smartphones in short periods, minimizing the cost but maintaining quality, and promoting sales. Moreover, we have recently added PS VITA to our list, further expanding the potential of multi-platform development. Please drop by and experience the quality at first hand.

    Premium Agency continuously aims to provide the best service. If you are in need for 2D art production, large-scale development or even just a thought on how you can down-size the production budget, please consult our staff and we are happy to help out.

  • Prodigy Co., Ltd.

    Introducing a new game middleware package called Claustrophobia Engine for PC,iPhone,iPod touch, and iPad. Featuring 100% stability, it squeezes performance of basic functionality for the low price that small-to-mediumsized game studios demand. Also introducing our smartphone applications.
    Please stop by; we are waiting to answer your questions.

  • Qoncept, Inc.

    Qoncept is one of the AR (Augmented Reality) technology company established in 2008, which provides Middleware called "Qoncept AR Engine" for smartphones and mobile game devices. In this showcase, we exhibit "Qoncept AR Engine for Unity3D" that you may try to develop AR applications with Unity3D easily. Also you may try "Marker-based" and "Markerless-based" AR demo applications for iPhone and Android, too.

  • RAD Game Tools, Inc.

    RAD Game Tools will be exhibiting our latest products including: Iggy, our Flash UI tool; Telemetry, the powerful new performance visualization tool; Miles 9, including the all new Miles Sound Studio high-level sound authoring system; Granny 3D, the animation toolkit with the artist-friendly Granny Animation Studio; and Bink, our ubiquitous video codec. RAD products are available on all platforms, including those newly-released! Please come by.

  • Silicon Studio Corporation

    We will be exhibiting our brand new original all-in-one game engine 'OROCHI'. The chief architects will be explaining the features of the product "12 libraries and over 40 development tools", "Flexible and well-maintained Usability ", and "Multi-platform including PSVITA" together with the demonstration at the exhibition booth. The recruiting staff also will be seeking engineers who are interested in our company.

  • Unity Technologies

    Unity 3.4 demonstration at our booth.

  • Web Technology Corp.

    We are exhibiting OPTPiX imesta 7 for PS Vita, our new product for developing game titles for the next generation PlayStation Vita, and will be demonstrating its functionality. In addition to next generation console game development, we will also be demonstrating the functionality of the useful SpriteStudio as a 2D animation material/UI creation tool for smart phones such as the iPhone and Android. We will also present some real world examples that use SpriteStudio. We also plan a demonstration of using SpriteStudio output data with the currently popular Unity.

  • XLsoft K.K.

    Intel Software Development Products support parallel programming for multi-core processors and performance improvements of gaming and multimedia applications. XLsoft will introduce compiler products which improve performance of applications by optimization and auto-parallelization by Intel's technology. Also, XLsoft will introduce other software development products, which are a necessity for game software development. - ""Intel IPP library"":Provide a variety of highly optimized software functions for multimedia such as image processing, video coding, and data processing. - ""Intel VTune Amplifier XE"":A parallel programming performance profiler which quickly specifies the performance bottlenecks of an application with just a few clicks. More products will be introduced at the booth.

  • Xoreax Japan Inc./Marubeni Information Systems Co.,Ltd

    Xoreax's solution for distributed compilation and other complex processes - ""IncrediBuild"", has become a standard in the game industry, with 4,000 licenses sold in Japan, and over 90,000 worldwide. IncrediBuild utilizes advanced Grid Computing technology to easily accelerate Microsoft Visual Studio builds, make-based processes, and other complex processes running on the Windows platform. IncrediBuild is easy to manage and through its deployment, it is possible to realize a significant speed improvement without investing in additional hardware. Klocwork's "Klocwork Insight" is a software (tool) for bug detection in C/C++, Japan, C# source code. Using a static detection technology, "Klocwork Insight" detects precisely, quickly and comprehensively memory leaks, buffer overflow and other severe bugs that may lurk in the code.