Exhibitions / PR Seminars

Sponsor Program

Application for CEDEC2011 Sponsorship Opportunities has been closed. 

CEDEC 2011 Sponsorship Opportunities

CEDEC provides public relations programs and advertising opportunities in the form of exhibition spaces and sponsorship sessions.
This is an ideal opportunity to promote your company's products and services directly to developers.

■Exhibit Booth
Exhibit Booth on 3rd floor (most of sessions will be held on 3rd floor)
Most attendees stay on this floor, thus the more people actually stop by your booth
Can be used for demonstrating new products, marketing, sales and business talk

Early Discount Price : 262,500 JPY   By 6/15/2011
Regular Price : 315,000 JPY   After 6/16/2011

■Sponsorship Session
Rooms adjacent to Exhibit space (3rd floor ) will be booked for Sponsorship Session.
You can introduce your products/services in this session
Online Pre-registration system provide a list of permitted attendees

Early Discount Price : 367,500 JPY   By 6/15/2011
Regular Price : 420,000 JPY   After 6/16/2011

■Event Sponsorship
◇Developers Night(Speakers, attendees and guests will be participating and networking)
Platinum: 1,050,000 JPY  Gold:315,000 JPY
◇Welcome Reception(for the speakers/persons concerned in the sessions)
Platinum: 525,000 JPY
Platinum: 525,000 JPY  Gold: 315,000 JPY

◇logoed Advertising
Lanyard,Tote Bag ,Session Pass 336,000 JPY ~
◇Mail Magazine 5-line Ad:
42,000 JPY  e-DM:105,000 JPY
◇Official Website Banner :
105,000 JPY ~
◇Program Guide
(Size: A4, color)157,500 JPY ~
◇Tote Bag Insert
Sponsor: 31,500 JPY  Non Sponsor: 84,000 JPY
◇Main Entrance Banner :
315,000 JPY
◇Promotion Video Screening between sessions
1 Day / 105,000 JPY ~ , 3 days / 210,000 JPY ~
◇Interactive Session Monitor:
52,500 JPY ~

■Option Menu
Lounge Sponsorship:
210,000 JPY  
Press Room Sponsorship:
210,000 JPY  
Meeting Room:
*For details, please ask the management office.

Closing Date: 29th July
※certain advertisement items have different closing date.

【Contact Information/Mailing Address】
CEDEC2011 Sponsorship Office
E-mail. cedecsponsor@cesa.or.jp