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One-page Concept Sheet Competition – Find That One Miraculous!  Event Overview

Every one of us gets an extraordinary inspiration, a divine intervention, at least once in a lifetime. "One-page Concept Sheet Competition – Find That One Miraculous!" is a "concept sheet competition" in which anyone can participate. All you need to do is summarize a conceptual plan on an A4-size page, based on the pre-defined theme. Freedom of expression is guaranteed, so long as your idea is understandable to the reader in about 15 seconds. Why not forget about the rules and restrictions of your daily business for a moment and join in this free-style, open-category battle royal? All entries will be reviewed by the judges and the creators of the best plans will be awarded during a session on the last day.


· Eligibility
CEDEC 2011 participants (whether professional or amateur) are welcome to participate in the competition. *Badge number is required at the time of submission. (Any pass type will do.) You must use your real name to make an entry. Up to one concept sheet per person only.

· Theme
The theme will be announced at 12:00 on Thursday, September 1, on CEDEC website. It will also be posted around the CEDEC venue, etc.

· Plan Specs
Paper submission: Use any A4-size paper of your choice. (The paper must be suitable for scanning, as it will be scanned and published on the web upon receipt.) Electronic file submission: Use PDF (A4) or an image file (JPEG or PNG, up to 1600×1200 pixels) There is no restriction on the equipment or software used for the production. You may use reference materials or consult with others. The submissions will be published at the CEDEC venue and on CEDEC website.

Submission Methods

· You may submit your work in one of the methods below:
Submit your A4 paper at the reception desk at CEDEC venue. Details of online submission are under discussion now.

· Submission Time Window Submission at CEDEC venue:
From the completion of the keynote speech on the first day until17:00 on the second day Online submission: From the completion of the keynote speech on the first day until 22:00 on the second day


· Judging

· The submissions will be reviewed by the judges.

· One best work, a few outstanding efforts, and a few judges' award winners will be selected.

· There will be an award ceremony for the winners and their winning works during a session on the last day.

· Important Notes

· The entrant in this competition agrees in advance that the organizer and/or any third party authorized by the organizer may publish, display or print their submission (including posting of images included in the submission) for not-for-profit, publicity and PR purposes of CEDEC, free of charge, and for an unlimited duration of time.

· A submission must not defame, or violate copyrights or any other rights of, a third party. Only a submission the rights of which are totally attributable to the entrant, or if the entrant is using any object under a third-party's copyright, portrait right, trademark, or other rights, only a submission created under an applicable legal license to use such an object, is acceptable.

· Only a submission free from objection or claim by a third party over their ownership or any other right is acceptable. The organizer and the related parties shall not be held responsible for any claim or objection from a third party over the rights concerning the submission. The entrant is held solely responsible for, and must resolve at their cost, any dispute of this nature. The organizer and the related parties will not respond to any inquiry or request for consultation regarding violation of a third party's rights.